What Are Some Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

There are a number of tips that can be helpful in keeping your eyes healthy. Below are some of the most useful tips to maintain optimal eye health.

  • Get an Annual Eye Exam. Having your eye doctor perform a thorough eye exam on a regular basis or at least once a year can make all the difference. Virtually everyone’s vision gradually deteriorates with age, but this is often too gradual for most people to notice. Some eye problems take time to develop symptoms, and by the time you experience the symptoms, it may be too late to treat it effectively. An eye exam is key to early detection and treatment.
  • Be Aware of Family Medical History. Hereditary factors play a huge role in eye health. Make sure to let your doctor know if your family has a history of hereditary eye conditions.
  • Protect Your Eyes. Wear eye guards, sports goggles and work goggles, when appropriate to help prevent eye injuries.
  • Limit Screen Exposure. Too much exposure to screen light from your smartphone, computer or TV exposes the eyes to blue rays that could harm them. You could develop dry eyes and other eye complications. You should take regular breaks from these screens to rest your eyes.
  • Wear Sunglasses. Exposing your eyes to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can lead to, macular degeneration, cataracts, or other eye damage. Wearing sunglasses helps protect your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Make good life choices that promote good health. Watch what you eat because obesity can result in diabetes, which can affect your vision. Omega 3 fatty acids and dark, leafy greens help support eye health. Also avoid smoking, which has been associated with optic nerve damage among other eye conditions. Manage any other health issues you may have such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension which can also cause damage to your vision.


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